Thursday, February 08, 2007

One Sure Thing

I'm shorting out. Skating Carnival. Piano Festival. It sounds like my life is a party. But this is a tough season for the mother of two busy teens. Extra practices and lessons toward performance and real excellence.
But little excellence in my own life. Knitting helps me to focus beyond the dirty floor and the unreturned calls.
I worked hard to do my follow ups this morning. I said no (!!) to two requests. That was hard. But when will I get my own stuff done? The house had its big weekly clean, so it can just shut up and get in line. I want to write. I need to read. These things are getting burried.
But the knitting is always available while I'm waiting or gearing up for other(s) things.
The sleeves are almost done on Cecelia. Such a joy. And actual evidence that I'm getting somewhere.
My deares knitting friend and I poked around "the other" wool shop yesterday. I succumbed to rosewood dpns. It's not like me, but on the weekend I found myself without 4mm dpns. How can that be?!! I can't tell you how many needles I have in my cupboard and the binder that holds my circulars. So I bought the plain ones at Zellers on Sunday so I could continue with my colourful sleeves. But now I have lovely - not to share- rose wood ones. Hmm. What can I make?
I have to get to this knitting for a friend. It's hanging over me. It won't take that long once I begin, but I can't enjoy planning other knitting or the quilted knitting bags I long to create until I meet the agreed terms. What should I ask for in return? I don't want cash.
Tomorrow I must spend a little time in the garden if it's not too wet. I want to welcome my spring bulbs in proper beds.
I want to just play with my knitting, but I have to be a grown up, too.
Looking forward to this evening when I return from band practice and can whip up a few stitches.