Tuesday, October 13, 2009


MIL cooks a mean turkey. There was plenty of dysfunctional family conversation, but the feast was astounding.
This is a picture of my in-law's old farm from their new house on the hill.
I also had planked salmon at my sister's cabin, but the pictures are in Mom's camera. I'll get them soon because Harrison Lake is a feast for the eyes.

I feasted on a bit of a wool crawl today. It started with picking up Scott on the busiest day of the BC Ferries. We had dinner at Coza in Langley and enjoyed it enough to leave my credit card (duh). The manager was super and I felt it was safe. As there was nothing to buy at my family feasts, I thought it could wait until Tuesday.
The usual suspects (Jean and I) valiantly sallied forth to two book stores and the Langley Knitopia which will barely cease to be when you read this. They are going back to White Rock. I tried to link, but it looks like they don't have a website.
I did manage to get 50% off wool. Yay! Not the Fame above which I intend to use as a gift shawl.

Not the Misty Alpaca sockweight that jumped out at me as we entered.

But this Briggs and Little Heritage pure wool, spun in the oldest mill in Canada for...suspense... $3.30 per 100 grams. I know!! It will make an excellent nephew sweater if it's not snapped up before that.
I had to drive because I was penitent about my mistake. But tomorrow my sister is driving us to Victoria and then on to Saltspring to visit a 3rd sister (just down one, and my husband is at her place right now).
Major knitting opportunity. I don't want to knit the wrong sister's mitts. I don't want to knit her son's sweater. So I am forced to cast on the Woodland Shawl in my grey-blue Heritage Cascade sock yarn.
I sure miss my Cozy and I hope this will assuage the saddness somewhat.

The snow berries are heralding the change of season.

The last of the bright sun on the echinacea (keep your immunity strong).

And another Christmas gift knocked out of the park. Intercostal mitts in Cascade 220 superwash. Woohoo!
Feast on that.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I always wondered what those white berries were.

Lovely yarn, missed the sale. Not that I need more yarn ;-)