Monday, October 19, 2009

I've Come So Far

Last Wednesday I started out with my eldest sister on an Island romp. We took the ferry to Victoria. She went to a meeting and I drove to UVic. It is unnerving how easily I can navigate the confusing roads of this city. I spent many summers there as a child with my Aunt Anna and Scott and I spent several weekends at soccer tournaments. His room is nice and his friends waited their lunch for me. Sweet. This is a picture of the creepy bunnies that are on every lawn. They're not afraid of lawnmowers, even. The campus is gorgeous and he has some nice friends already.
Then we went to Saltspring Island. We missed a ferry and had a long wait. But we were fine with our books (and knitting).

Both of these sisters are pining for a sailboat, so we haunted all the harbours.

And enjoyed some of the beaches.

Pat is a sheep breeder now and gave me the most precious skein of her ewe's wool. Shetland! The tag says Standard White Chantecler, Silver Grey Dorking, Shetland Sheep. Unfortunately it was too dark when we were up on the mountain at her place. We barely saw the new studio where her husband does his carving.
We missed another ferry on the way home and worked hard to not get too tired on the drive home. I was several hours later than I had hoped and D was just back from another trip that took him to the other sister's in Kamloops. We were all out of phone range! Weird and a bit disturbing.
Then I jumped into the pool of exaggerated emotions that has been my shifts. I'm tired and a bit disappointed at some of my co-workers approach to difficult patients. But as a newbie and part-timer, I don't make the rules. There have been many stat orders and heroic efforts and sore feet (mine). One more night.
I already did a bunch of followup in my real life today so I can have an easy day tomorrow when I wake up.
Knitting? Yes. The nephew sweater is still appropriate for work.
The Woodland Shawl enjoyed the drive and the ferry ride. But my friend loaned me the book, The Thirteenth Tale, and I am enthralled. It has been a long time and I missed the feeling.
I have enjoyed lurking on your sites. I find the knitting community so loving and giving. Thanks.
I'll throw myself into another night of care giving and then assess how far I have to go.

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