Thursday, October 01, 2009

Day of the Scarf

The weather has gotten chilly. I heard from my nephew and my almost-nephew that the Noro scarves are out and getting compliments. How rewarding is that from two 18 year olds? This thick scarf is for my own non-scarf-wearing son. I tried a brioche stitch that I thought looked like houndstooth and just couldn't warm to it no matter how many times I went up a needle size. So I searched Ravelry. I found a scarf knit in the round and this pattern on a baby blanket. I cast on 7 pattern repeats and it's going pretty quickly. I hope to get 3 feet from the first two balls. It may be just too rediculously bulky to wear on a human neck.
The signs of autumn on my early morning walk.

And Stash Adjustment. From Twist of Fate in Kamloops (an online) I found this gorgeous Fleece Artist Marina and Curlylocks for a Lady of the Lake sweater for me.

This is my Socks that Rock shipment. My first order from them went very smoothly. I chose (top to bottom) Ravenscroft, Stonewash and Seal Rock. An example of my eclectic taste. I dream of knitting socks next year.

This is a Fleece Artist special that I hope to either make into a gift or give as a gift to J.

More sock yarn: Sokomo from Fleece Artist.

And the current nephew sweater in a yarn I bought for myself in the 'nineties. How scary is that? It's a cable yoked sweater that I've knit twice at least and fits well. I wonder if EZ wrote this pattern for Vogue back in the day? I think this simple roundy stocking stitch will be simple enough for my night shifts coming up.
The rain has started and I'm going to try to pack up a few cupboards of china and crystal that I don't use so I can put some craft supplies upstairs. Wish me luck.

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