Sunday, September 27, 2009

Into the Interior

Had a great trip to Kamloops in the middle of the week. This is Erin at her new Twist of Fate shop. She has a great connection with the yummiest of fibres. I bought a big bag of Fleece Artist.
When you drive two and a half hours away from the Fraser Valley, up the Coquihalla Canyon, you come to a semi-arid ranchland that has been my sister's cowboy dream.

These are the little dogs. She also has 3 big dogs. They love living on a ranch with horses and beef cattle.

The babies are already getting big.

She lives on a lake that took a big hit from the dry, hot season. I said it gave her more beach. She'll get lots of snow that will run off and fill up the lake again (we hope).

She has friends who have a weekly kayaking date. We joined them eventhough I am not seasoned. McConnel Lake was small and smooth. Just big enough for a group of ladies.

The serenity started to kick in.

We love her beautiful brown chickens and their large fresh eggs. D had great astronomy viewing and I even finished a baby sweater on the drive. This is the first sweater since the summer began that met my own knitting expectations. I'll have pictures of the pink sweetie and the stash enhancement as soon as I'm done with all the family gatherings this weekend.
When I go away, it's fun to catch up on all your blogging I missed, too.

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