Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Welcome

A new planter at my front door to welcome the season and my guests. The orange pansies await the company of pumpkins next month.
My sunflowers have decided to be spectacular. They are all bouquet quality. Sorry birdies. But they greatly cheer up my sink.

The other fall flowers are grand here. I met a nurse from New York who was worried about getting all her hikes and walks done before the end of summer. No, the fall is one of our best seasons.

There is hope in knitting. I am working on the final row of the Dianna entrelac shawl. The little triangles are quick and she should be blocking soon. I so very badly need to get on with another project. There are some very charming points to this shawl, but was still bunging it up at the very end.
I need to knit two baby sweaters ASAP. I'm heading into a working weekend so I may be able to knit on my breaks and between care on nights.
I am just starting to feel the rhythm of my life return. No sleeping teenagers. No dodging the hot sun. More choices. Baking in the morning. MMMMuffins.
We will be eating a more salad-based diet with the young carnivore at university. I hope to get back to losing a bit of weight. I get my orthodics checked today, so I'll find out if I can get back to my long walks.
Yesterday I knocked myself out with writing minutes and reports and researching for my volunteer work that really ramps up in September. I hope to be investing to not work so hard in the future, but you know how some of us just do the work.
Right now I wish for the work to be knitting. Welcome Fall.

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