Thursday, September 17, 2009

Set Up

The prayer shawl is off the needles. This is my first entrelac project. The wool is from a cone of single ply I bought on Saltspring and it still looks like a whole cone.
Dianna was vigourously blocked to 27 by 55 inches. I couldn't find my blocking wires. But I did find my keys (fell off in the car) and the little address book I bought to list my passwords.
I'll walk this over to Joy's house as soon as it's dry. Notice the black paw on the side. Carly is ticked off that I took the best patch of carpet.

I've already cast on Lucille in this inherited ancient Beehive baby yarn. I like the colour and it's really soft. The hospital doesn't want white sweaters because they don't photograph well. I have a ton of white, so if this one works out, I'll make another for a co-worker. As usual, I think it may be a bit big. But of the 8 I've already made, there are varying sizes.

I also cast on a brioche scarf for Scott (I'm sure he doesn't read this blog from university). The example at the store was chunky baby alpaca, but the Ambiance "Markoma, a 50/50 wool acrylic is plenty soft and teenage friendly. I'm still in the grey-brown colourway, but the softness overcomes that.
So I have two simple patterns for nights, yay.
I was supposed to walk up Teapot Hill today in preparation for our Camp Walk-a-thon, but I have retorn my heel and have to save my steps for work. I will get some good knitting done.
And tonight is bookclub. Yay. We have chosen our books for the year and I'm the moderator for the greek dinner meeting tonight (Three Cups of Tea and House of Mirth). We've tried to set up a more book focussed meeting and lost a member in the process. But we will still have lunch with her, like we did yesterday at the Airport Cafe. Diana loved her sock bag, the noro sock yarn and the highlighter tape that was her gift. What a blessing to have knitting friends.


Life's a Stitch said...

That shawl is beautiful. I had only seen it done in very colourful year, It is a lovely serene shawl in a neutral colour. And I guess that's the point of a prayer shawl.

Life's a Stitch said...

Oh and.... Chuck was the executive director of Camp Fircom, the United Church camp on Gambier many years ago. I was the relief cook, and my daughter has been a camp nurse for two summers at Timberline in Maple Roidge, where she met her husband while volunteering in high school.