Thursday, September 03, 2009

Seasons Change

Today is the first chilly rain in so many weeks. We're used to regular weekly rain and moderate temperatures, so this has been a very hot, dry summer. Lastnight I watered the plants at 10 pm by the light of the full moon. This morning God had given them a good soaking.
I like how the grey skies make the greens come out. It was sprinkling on Dan and Scott as they loaded his things into the van. Yes, Scott, my 18 year old son, moved to UVic this morning. I'm not sure he packed everything he needed, but it's his turn to learn those mistakes. They have stores in Victoria and he has a good room mate. They have spent all summer working on a video game that is almost ready to launch. His room mate is already making money on a "facebook application". They sure can ahndle one another's company.
I am confident that the small Engineering faculty will be a good nurturing ground.
The Tuscany shawl has started to behave and I'm anticipating the next stitches. This is a relief. The rows are too long to take to work tomorrow, so I'll carry the alpaca scarf, but I felt relaxed enough to pick up the entrelac Dianna shawl.
There is not a lot of knitting done on this shawl, but it represents a lot of learning. My dear friend was at a meeting with me yesterday ( a bit of a swirling, overwhelming meeting) and told me her husband loves his cashmere cozy. Now I'm motivated to finish this for her.
My daughter gave me a terrible ride on the teenage rollercoaster yesterday. I was lucky to survive intact and with the impression of supporting her. And bonus: I had dinner with my best friend and her son before he left for UBC. I don't know how to steady the teenage storm. I hope while she is the only child in the house she may mellow a bit. Grade 11 is the least stressful year of our highschool and she has lots of friends. She cleaned up her room (finally!!!).
I took her shopping for a few new clothes on Tuesday, and some for me.
Today I hope to relax a bit, prepare food for my work this weekend and go to an inservice at the hospital. Not too ambitious. Just riding the changes of the season.

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