Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sta funzionando

That's Italian for "It is working". I had to look it up on babelfish. I can speak a smattering of German and can sometimes get by in French, but the only Italian I know is on a menu. This Tuscany shawl has already grown since the photo. That's because I took a day (or part of one) to recharge. I knit and listened to audio books and did some baking and writing and reading.
The pattern was there all along, I only needed to delve in deep enough to encorporate it into my knitting.
I took the herringbone scarf on nights with me but there was too much going on. I even oriented a new nurse from New York which is a bit of an iron given my new status. It was a good project for both of us. I am pretty thorough with my principles of teaching, and she knows a lot more about nursing than me.

Oooh. Soft. Ooooh. I'm making everyone touch it. It's local alpaca wool like this that may make knitters out of my co-workers.

I never showed you the fingerless mitts I was able to whip up from this Ravelry link . I bought the superwash wool in Bellingham. We're planning another visit next month.

I managed to work out some problems once my brain came back on line. I created a new to-do list for my "in box"in my planner. I had a neat pad from Michael's in Bellingham, a nice link from DIY Planner and good old sharpie and glue.
Speaking of sharpies: the red shoes are now black(ish). Red shoes are fun unless they are the only ones that fit your orthodics and you have to wear them everywhere. I would have bought black but they were out. I'm still wearing them two years later and can't afford to dye old shoes ($50). Can't find new ones, so I solved my own problem with a permanent marker.
I hope I can keep up with all the problems and creative solutions. So far, it's working.

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Angie said...

Lovely mitts and a resourceful solution for the shoes. Perhaps the black shoes will still carry the fun spirit of the red? :D Our feet have such an impact on our daily life. Be well.