Friday, August 14, 2009

Reluctant and Elusive

I started this baby sweater (Beehive Layette for the Littlest One) for night shift. It is supposed to be simple knitting. I brought the wrong needles! At home I tried it again on my "sleep day". Wrong gauge still. Grrr. Last night I started again with my smallest 2.5mms. I don't think I used this needle before. But in my current, returning to the stream of reality, I can't be sure. At least it will be small enough now for the requirement of "newborn".
Summer heat has been replaced (temporarily?) with chilly rain. It feels like fall. I made a big step this week when I bowed out of a writers' group in favour of continuing my nursing education. They were very sweet. Honestly, I would rather write, but I need to develop my new career and at least start moving in the direction of teaching or program development.

The fruits and flowers of summer are still ours to savour. We had unexpected guests for dinner (and overnight). It was a bad time for us with Em sick and me getting over my illness and 2 night shifts. But I'm not sorry we opened our house. We should do it more often. The gazebo was a big hit with the after dinner cognac and candles. These will be the lovely memories.

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