Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hooked on Holding Hands

I have been looking forward to knitting this pattern for quite some time. I bought the wool in May, I think, Montana by Online Linnie. I love the name of this scarf: Holding Hands and Feeding Ducks.

The star stitch really brings out the varieties of colour. It includes what I think of as a double crochet. Yes, a true hybrid crochet-knit pattern. Because I learned to crochet, I can comfortably knit continental, and I don't know how else you would knit this pattern. It took me a while to figure out why I was so reflexive with the action. But it does hurt my hand a bit (the reason I quit crochet0 and I have to temper my addiction to those cunning little duckies.
I hope my mom will like this for her aubergine coat. There is no eggplant in it, but every other purple. Just for those really cold days.
Jean inspired me as she has just finished a "My So-called Scarf" and a Harlot One Row Scarf. Both turned out beatifully.
I finished the Column of Leaves, but don't have the energy to block it. I would love to achieve something today, but I just futz about restlessly.

Here's my plan: bait. How long can teenagers resist the lure of a ball winder? I have 3 more skeins of Cascade to prepare for my Bountiful Bohus. I bought the same colours because I have a real brown thing going since I started resisiting the black. Bonus bohus: this is a black-brown.

The boys played poker in the gazebo lastnight. It was high jinks and lots of flames.
Today I feel quite a bit better, but only if I rest. I have a Dr's appt- the only one left in town- and I'll get my marching orders.
I started Tuscany shawl in the kilometer of pink silk from Granville Island, but it wants a smaller needle and I had to order one. I picked Addi Turbo lace 40 inches in 2.25 and 2 mm so I can also knit the 2-at-a-time socks when I'm done. The cake behaved very badly from the centre pull, so I had to restart from the outside. The wind in the gazebo drove my pattern to the lawn and I put it in a bag and poured a glass of wine.

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