Sunday, August 02, 2009

A New View

> It looks as if I've already taken 60 pictures with my new Nikon D60. Whew! And that's with a debilitating chest infection. I've been knitting a bit and sitting on the deck in the meagre breeze, reading.

My Summer Snowberry tree wasn't supposed to bloom yet. I like to think it got great care, but it's probably heat stress and the fear of not reproducing.

I homage to Li's beautiful sky pictures I add our pink 9 pm sunset. I'll have to change lenses for distance next time.

Did you know I had a birthday last week? Between camp and night shifts I made carrot muffins to take to work. My MIL had me up for lasagne (?!) and my mom took me out for an early dinner with Scotty and Paw.
My friend Jean knit me a beautiful cotton triangular shawl from Shaeffer Yarn and bestowed on my the honour of the Billie Holiday colourway. Yay. It is practically perfect in every way.

On a crazy note, I just signed up for a Twist of Fate retreat in Kamloops- next April! I don't know where my life will be then, but I have the weekend off from work and I hope my neice will also go. It's possible one of my knitting friends from here will go. Sivia Harding is teaching! This is crazy for me, but I have lots of shawl knitting in the queue and I would love to do some immersion knitting. They have a fall one, too, but I haven't even looked at it yet.
Back to the chaise and the antipyretics.


Angie said...

Happy birthday!! What a lovely shawl! Have fun with your new camera....I think you have the hang of it all ready.

Life's a Stitch said...

I was planning on buying Nikon, too, while I'm in the states, but the prices aren't that much different, so I'll wait. It will give me time to do some further research.

Life's a Stitch said...

And Happy Birthday!

And did you do the sleeves on two circulars? I need to finish the sleeves on a different top down project.