Friday, July 31, 2009

Soft and Comforting

The soy sweater is coming along. Bigger than I expected. I now have one and a half sleeves done and I may still have enough pink to complete the lace skirt of Helena from knitty. Very soft. Some of the qualities of cotton in its non-stretch, but a better choice. The cotton sweater was hard on my hands eventhough it was so small. The acrylic sweater was good only in that it was safe to take to camp. The nurses received it very pleasantly. One of the nurses at work wants to learn to knit. I put up a sign to lure them in!

I worked hard at doing nothing today. Lastnight I watched "Miss Potter" and bawled my eyes out. I am usually an easy target, but I have been a seething pool of tears since I started to lose sleep. The Handmaiden Casbah is a soft treat and the Column of Leaves scarf has almost few enough stitches that I can follow it in my present haze.

From Monika. This is my first fleece. She brought it to night shift for me. It is clean and soft and a total conundrum to us both. I'll take it to my neice Caroline. She won't spin it or card it for me, but she'll get me started. I snuck in a big purchase while I was waiting for my anitbiotic to be filled. The doctor even asked what I would like and agreed Biaxin was a good choice.
So I hope my pictures will be clearer and sharper with my new babe. The little Canon Powershot SD450 is pretty old, but so convenient and such a great little camera. I want to explore something more now. I'll keep the little guy handy. They're like $100 now and way better. But I like my little one.
This new babe is more like a real camera. I had lots of trouble choosing because the store did not consider my needs. I finally found a clerk I could talk to and I'm all outfitted except for a lens leash. But I'll be laying low for a while to heal, finish the baby sweater and scarf and dream of other knits. So comforting.

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electrictree said...

ooh your fleece is pretty, what kind of sheep is it?