Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tastes Like Summer

This is my re-entry day. Like Yarn Harlot returning from one of her teaching seminars or book tours (only without the adoration), I too have laundry and correspondence to attend to when I return from my set of four 12-hour shifts. How do people do this day in and day out? Four on four off. No thanks. I'll take my part time. I barely had enough time to email and phone all my apologies for not showing up at the tea when I was sleeping, or not being able to go to the shower when I'm working. I'm such a putz, I'll send a gift and some muffins anyway.

But summer has come to my kitchen. No pictures of the carnage that was once "Joiner's" Peaches and Cream corn on the cob. I don't eat it any more, but I love watching my family belly up to the trough with butter and salt sliding off their lips. We had cold chicken and I got away with it because of the fresh local veggies. There are Okanagan peaches on the counter and blueberries and raspberries in the fridge. This inevitably means a trip to Dairy Queen for the perfect icecream.

I am knitting (and reknitting) the cashmere cozy as I ponder if I should be allowed to hold needles on a sleep day. Haven't tried today, but I managed to finishe the laundry, clean the floors, get my picture taken for my new (old) drivers' license, deliver the weekend crossword to my mother and get my hair cut. Whew. We also have a nurse staying with us who recently moved to Vancouver. I don't know her very well, but in the habits of young people, she's pretty easy going.
I'm waiting for it to cool down to walk the dog and I'll take more pictures of flowers to warm my winter days.

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Angie said...

Thank you so much for the lovely flower photos in this post and the previous one.

I think people can keep up a rugged pace with a lot of family/home support or they're just single and take care of things on there off-time.