Thursday, July 09, 2009

Some Of My Favourite Things

Banana muffins are the best use of sad and tired bananas who are too flippant to withstand the heat of mid-summer.
I love this Cozy pattern. The Bernat Cashmere (I guess it's discontinued) is OK at clearance price. I need to be a bit practical for a blankie/prayer shawl that may go to the hospital and need repeated washings. My bad dreams have abated somewhat now that I am "doing something" about my friend's illness. Knitting a prayer shawl may not offer any medical relief, but it is a physical form of my caring.

This is one of my big prizes. I picked raspberries early in the morning when I was in Grade 5, I think. Some of my memories have me buying this when I was eight. Probably not. There was an office supply store on the corner between my elementary school and "five corners" on my street. It shared a building with Harper Sheet Metal. This was in the window and called to my young self. It was $35.00. I think I paid $8/month.

Yes a real typewriter for my dreams of being a foreign correspondent. It is fully "portable" (weighing about 8 lbs- similar to my rifle when I was in the medical corps reserves).

I learned to type on this beast. Like the guitar I learned on that tried to remove my identity and my fingerprints, this led to stronger fingers and faster reflexes. I wrote many short stories and even journal entries with my cobbled-together desk in my little room, or out in the field behind the barn.

This is the romantic character that was meant to lead me to adventure, the unexpected and my higher destiny.
Now I plan to bring it to camp to wow the kids and follow a stolen dream. I read an article years ago about some young women who raise money for literacy (I think) by selling poems. If you gave them a dollar, they would write you your own poem. I have held this idea like a stone and polished it many times. This old typewriter- with a new ribbon!) will help me bring it to life.

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