Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Prickly

It's hot! Aparently a week of nights is too much for me after a week of camp. I have the worst sore throat- a combination of poor air quality, asthma, not enough sleep and kiddie camp germs. Today I woke at noon, called in sick and stayed in bed until 5 pm. If I do nothing, I can almost catch it with ibuprofen (which I am not supposed to take). The irony is that at work I am a pain expert with an amazing cornucopeia in my drug cart. But I won't be working this fourth night. I'll be lucky to sleep and read.
The baby bolero was finished and delivered yesterday. The pink dress begun: I chose Helena
for the pink soy and it's a real treat. Reinvigourating my desire to knit. I will probably have to pick up another ball or two in the other colour, but it will be sweet and very soft.

Thriving in the heat are the thistles. In Scotland these monsters are called Canadian thistles, and like Canada geese they are persistent. But I like the design and romance of their tenacity. I too will be prickly for a while.

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