Friday, July 03, 2009

Deeply in the Season

I try to live deeply within the seasons. I embrace seasonal food and music and especially the signs of nature. We have corn growing and grass being cut for hay and blackbirds on the barbed wire between fields. The blackberries are imminent. It is a good time of year.

I set my novel in this season and the bittersweet of late summer. I have been invited to join a writers' circle! I can hardly believe it. Of course it would be more convenient next year after I get the hang of nursing, or in a few years after I finish my degree. But here it is on my doorstep and I must say yes. I'll be working on my pages and pages and pages of notes in preparation for jumping in in August. It's decision time. I really want to finish my first draft. I have other novels, like my knitting stash, waiting for their turn.

I bought myself a new ergonomic keyboard in anticipation of many hours of tapping. Plus I have my regular writing tools: nice pens and journals. I just have to sit down and make it a habit and a priority.

This poor family of robins has returned to our patio door- a poor choice, especially since they were so startled and flustered last year. A face only a mother could love. I'm worried about our supply of worms running out at the rate they're getting fed.

Hey Teach back is done. How many times can you knit the last two inches and still consider it only two inches? It's like that 5 pounds that refuses to stay lost. I persevered when I should have just set it down, and I set it down when I could have finished those two inches in just half an hour. I gave myself a good talking to, got some better sleep after night shift and allergies and the threat of a cold and laid it down last evening during the watching of MASH. Whew. Slumdog Millionaire is not a knitting movie! Eternal Sunshine is not a movie you should watch when you can't stay awake.
Don't worry, I've done lots of walking and riding bike in this lovely weather. Not just sitting in the cool basement with the boob tube.

The Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf is coming along. There are yarn overs and knit/purl togethers on every row. So this is "Lace Knitting" not just "knitting lace", right? Anyway, for some reason, because the rows are so short, they are short enough for my short attention span. I knit at work, too. I think I'm so smart when I can do that. This is the Casbah from Handmaiden- truly luscious.

I look forward to casting on the fronts of Hey Teach, burning through the green scarf and setting up for my July baby sweater and my next nephew sweater. Also writing. Yes, I'll get to that.

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Angie said...

Hurray for the writing group! How marvelous to be invited and more marvelous to start your book. I think you've started all ready but putting the words somewhere besides your head is the generally accepted way to go.

Hey Teach is looking good and the scarf is so lovely.