Friday, July 17, 2009

Dog Included For Scale

This cozy is getting really big. I'm farther along and have started the last (and seventh) ball. It's really soft and a great find for a semi-practical cashmere. We have some sales starting soon, but I don't know if I want to buy any wool. I have a noisy queue clammoring to be knit and a limited stash area. It's more difficult with a bigger stash budget. Perhaps if I make some plans to buy wool, wait a while and then fulfill the list.
Corn is as high as an elephant's eye. This is "cow corn". It is planted about 12 inches apart. People corn is planted in wider rows. This will be cut up and made into "silage" at around our Thanksgiving, the second weekend in October. It hasn't tassled out yet, so there are no baby cobs yet. It's really tall for this stage. The other side of the path is blackberries and they are also having a good year.
Yesterday I ran around like I haven't done since the kids quit soccer and skating. Em has a friend in hospital in Surrey, so we drove the dreaded summer highway. Yuck. Hopefully he'll be out soon.
Then I scooted up to the camp for a marketing meeting. We want everyone to know what a great slice of paradise it is. And only "one hour" from Vancouver. Hint: not on the dreaded and clogged summer highway.
After that I met some young musicians at the church. Our minister is off on sick leave and we are going to blow off the dust on the rafters with electric guitar and drums. Not quite deviant, but certainly sly. I told the guys that if someone says, "That was loud, you're to say..." and one of them finished my phrase with, "Thank-you." I love it.
Sun, sun, sun. Smile, it's summer.

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