Sunday, July 19, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

On Friday, I finished knitting the Cozy while watching Simon Shama's "History of Britain". It's due back at the library and I have only scratched the surface. It's a great show. The next time I'm in Stirling or the British Museum, I will have more depth to my understanding.
At 9:30 pm it was cool enough to emerge from the basement, so I just put it in a gift bag and walked it over to their house. I like dropping gifts. I have one knitting friend who has taken to reciprocating the surprises.
Right away I started Baby Surprise. I'm getting behind in my queue. This is a stash buster for the hospital.

I found a great deal on this Soy when I bought the Bernat cashmere. This will be a little dress for a nurse who has just had a girl. I didn't want to knit a neutral because she already has a boy. I wanted something quite European for her, so I stalked Alison's Ravelry page of finished projects. She makes her wee one the sweetest knits.

I'm not sure if our friend, the piano accompanist has had her third and overdue baby. I was invited to a shower that I can't go to, but I have this cotton to make another shrug.
Do you think I can get that done at camp?
The Wool-a-Roo in Abbotsford is having a 40% off sale next week. Because I'm going to camp (and because my best friend is her favourite person) we got to shop yesterday. Yes!! Treats.
I'll photograph them when I get back. I didn't have the credit card accident that J did, but I got everything I had planned- and more.
This baby is going to camp with me. First we go to church and sing and play the whole service. I'm a bit nervous. I can do the rest of the service, but the music director kept changing the key the pieces were in, so I lost track.

This baby is not going to camp. She is trying to be my photographic assistant. Not really what I'm looking for, but I will miss her.
Em and D will be back from Portland today. The plan is that they arrive in time for me to take Em with me. The best laid plans. I will stop futzing when she is signed, sealed and delivered.


Life's a Stitch said...

Which shrug was that? I saw a pattern for a little girl shrug from Knitting Pure an Simple but the store in B'Ham was sold out. It's a very cute top down which I have yet to try.

LoriAngela said...

I have been serially knitting the Baby Bolero from Leigh Radford's One Skein.
I am over being guilty that it knits in about 5-6 hours. I use organic cotton and the new moms seem to like it just as much as the zillion hour baby blanket.