Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Second Thoughts, Second Guessing

I had a very exciting second night shift with lots of heroics. The time went quickly, the lovely lady felt better and I learned a lot. The first time I have hung blood in twenty years, the first time this century. Of course there are things I would have done better, sooner, smoother.
I find the work so intense! Even when things are quiet there are so many new people and ideas and lives.
I feel that I miss a lot of my real life while I do my shifts. I could never work full time and I need to get into my degree so I can move into a position more suitable to my advanced age.
I picked up my knitting lastnight while watching Dollhouse . I had totally forgotten about the entrelac shawl. I spent a whole hour reorienting myself to the intricacies of the pattern and then decided it wasn't soft enough, it was never soft enough and it's pretty colour and pattern couldn't overcome the scratchiness. Boy that took a long time! So today I shall frog it and consider another yarn (from my stash?) to make a shawl for my friend. I may just go and buy some soft sock weight yarn. I don't know.
What's on the needles? The little green sweater was delivered to maternity next door on Sunday night.
I started Li's reverse herringbone tweed scarf in a local alpace with 42 stitches (patterns 8 st + 2). It is on the other far side of the softness scale. Perhaps I should blame the scarf for frogging the shawl. It is pretty simple. I am tired of needing "less than challenging" knitting. But obviously I am not up to speed yet.
Today, Wednesday is my re-entry day. I hope to enjoy the breezy sunshine, get a grasp of my kitchen, walk the dog and treat myself to casting on Tuscany in the silk I bought in October.

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