Saturday, August 08, 2009

Out of Bed

I have been slowly getting a few things done, with rest in between. The Cascade 220 was wound and is ready for the Bountiful Bohus.
I spent way too long in bed learning entrelac for this Dianna (Ravelry Link) shawl. The wool is single ply from Saltspring. I have just been hanging on to a cone of it that I was compelled to buy. The other Dianna shawls use colour changing wool that I like, but I wasn't up to shopping.

I started (and almost finished) fingerless mitts on my Christmas list. This is superwash wool in the Intercostal Mitts pattern. Please complain to me if you can't get in to the Ravelry links.

I finally bit the bullet and did a little scrapbooking. It seems daunting, but I decided to do a small book for my son's grad and the perameters helped.

Finally, the sign of the frog. I was able to reconsider this yarn-hogging sleeve from last November. What is stopping me from knitting it? It has been frogged. I decided to make Nephew #5 a simple yoked cable sweater that has already had quite a bit of success. I'll knit it in the round to the yoke, instead of flat. I've made it at least twice before and I think it will be flattering. I had tried to use a different wool, but this is the right stuff for this young man. The other stuff will work for #7.
So I was given the gift of time. I am moving around better and almost multitasking. I'm home from work a second day, but plan to do my 2 nights. I get 10 off after that anyway. So I need something simple to knit on my break at night. All my knitting has been with a blunted intellect and most frustrating. Never the less, I finished the green scarf and the Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks scarf. They are beautiful and soft and good medicine.

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