Thursday, August 20, 2009


What blogger would not be inspired by the Julie & Julia movie? I felt alone in my Julia Child obsession, watching reruns on PBS when the kids were small and even borrowing whole seasons from the library in the past few years. My daughter will watch them with me. Julia was such a contradiction in seriousness and mirth.
I was also aware of the Julie/Julia blog and read a few entries, so I was pleased to hear it was a successful movie with so much buzz. But I love Nora Ephron . She has taught me that just because something is a commercial success doesn't mean it can't touch your heart. I especially have loved "You've Got Mail".
This is my Paw's inspiring garden in his small back yard. It has taken my mom a bit of angst to give up the prize flower beds, but it brings him such quiet, constant joy. He is so quiet and constant. Lucky corn.
His best kitchen tip: don't pick the corn until the water is boiling. We used to take icecream out to the strawberry patch, too. Nothing like really fresh.
Mom's flowers still bloom for her.

And after I too a shot of the last sunset of the day. We are almost on the westcoast and you were all tucked into bed when this was speeding past my new camera lens.
The little green sweater is almost finished and I plan to take a break from baby sweaters and knit a Christmas gift scarf during my 4 nursing shifts.

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Angie said...

Lovely photos! Great tip from your Paw.