Thursday, August 27, 2009

Third Attempt

I'm trying to get the rhythm of the Tuscany shawl. I feel that, under normal circumstances, I would have taken off by now. But I am still blunted from my night shifts and tomorrow I go into another one. This means that, right now, these are normal circumstances. The good news is that I have learned a lot from the failed attempts. It's pretty tricky working with non-stretchy silk. This fabric is slippery. I had to go to a smaller needle, so there were actually more failed tries a few weeks ago.
But I think of wearing this shawl when we go out to dinner on our Hawaiian holiday in February. Yum. The summer morning is sweet and inviting. I did a lot of errands yesterday, so I hope to take it a bit easier today.

The corn is glorious. The sky is blue. I needed a sweater and sunglasses for my walk. That is a huge improvement over the heat and humidity and poor air quality of the last month.
We took our time rounding the block and taking photos. Carly was so happy to resume our old schedule. Me too.
I didn't frog the entrelac because in my present state of lethargy, I'm as apt to make a mistake in action as inaction. I'll review it later. Emily says it's soft enough. I'll see how soft it is in September.


Angie said...

I think your pink shawl will be perfect for Hawaii! You're wise to allow a rest.

Anonymous said...

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