Sunday, August 16, 2009

Small Delights

The blackberries are in full berry and line the paths of my walk. I haven't had time or energy to pick a bucket yet. First I need to be scratched by my roses as I clean them up from their first big bloom.
I have been sewing little sock bags from this tutorial . I so appreciate the pattern support and the point of view of a knitter. This first bag was my trial.

This is a September birthday gift. I don't think she's a sock knitter, but she is a great knitter and these are the charming colours of her kitchen.

When it's closed, the smaller handle is the loop. I love it.

This is for an October birthday. She assures me she does not read blogs. I will try to keep it secret.

And this one is for me. I don't even remember who I made the patchwork fabric for. I'm sure I made a bag from it, though. The lining is very fine, but just leftovers from my headboard and bedskirt. This is almost too nice to keep for myself. But they are my own scraps. I'm sure I could make another group of these bags with my fabric stash. I just need knitting friends to make them for.

The Littlest One sweater has been wrangled into submission. I decided not to risk running out of the green, so I'm doing the yoke in white. The hospital doesn't want white because it doesn't photograph well, but I think I can use a bit. It's what I have most left over. Plus I'm getting really tired of this self-imposed knitting goal. I'm a bit over baby sweaters. I have a few to knit for nurses on my floor (not really friends, yet), so I bought some Berocco Comfort on sale. I also picked up the 100cm Addi's for sock knitting two at a time. I'll get there when I slash my stash and prune my queue.
The sun is back and I have a week to call my own. D is on course in Saskatoon. What shenanagins shall we get up to?

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Angie said...

Pretty bags! Lovely fabric choices.