Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Start Again

First day of school here. Emily got up with encouragement and walked to school with (++) encouragement. In nursing, the plus, plus means I was a bit of a bully. They got home from San Fransisco last night and are exhausted as they head into this short week.
I had last night off because I had worked a shift for a friend already. So we had a great hen party with potluck that worked out before it was even thought of, the movie of our book club book (House of Mirth- not the best adaptation) and knitting!!
I finished the alpaca scarf and it is time to reassess my knitting queue.
November is nephew number 5's birthday so I should at least cast on the sweater I have rechosen to make him. It should not be too taxing. First I should finish the entrelac shawl. It is coming along well, but I was glad to cast off the scarf at the end of the movie so I didn't have to bring it out and stretch that part of my mind last night.
I must finish Hey Teach. It is starting to affect my knitting happiness. I'll get it out of the basement today and reassess my stumbling blocks.
I have a baby sweater to knit one of my nurses and the September charity sweater. Thanks to Stash and Burn One Skein September for a new vintage baby sweater. This is just the sort of friendly tip that makes me happy to be part of the on-line knitting community. Great pattern, great advice just when I need it.
Unfortunately I can't have too many projects on my needles or I get nervous. And right now I'm still needing something kind of simple.
Same thing with reading. I either knit lots or read lots. They steal from one another unless it's audio books. Thank goodness out library has lots to choose from.

Here's Scott at UVic. They have already had a few parties and done a walk through of their classes. The rest of the campus is very green and lush on the edge of the ocean with a freaky number of bunnies (formerly domestic) hopping about.
Good luck to everyone on this first step.


Life's a Stitch said...

I have a UVic grad, she loved it.

They are trying a scheme to adopt out the bunnies. There ws another guy who tried mass bunny vasectomies. Apparently it didn't work.

You are knitting busy!

electrictree said...

Wow! Congrats to having raised one nestling all the way to University! That must be a bittersweet victory indeed!!