Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autmnal Denial

On the Sunday afternoon (between a day and a night shift) I gathered with 50 walkers to support our camp. The first days of autumn are sunny and warm here and more temperate and welcoming than any summer day.
They went up Teapot Hill while I tallied the sponsor money with one of the local ministers. They're all women up our end of the valley.
We had lots of fun and still I had enough energy to look after some of my favourite patients with some of my favourite nurses. It went well.
Today we drive up to Kamloops to see my sister at her ranch. I love taking pictures there! Looking forward to some good knitting on the drive. Lucille was growing at the rate of a new baby, so she had to be replaced. A simple stocking stitch rectangle seems to be the extent of my skills presently. J came over with lovely knitting that made me want to branch out, but her good advice is to just do something I won't be ripping out.

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