Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Seasonal Anticipation

The scarves are finished and blocking. These are more completed Christmas presents. The dog is drying, too. With the house to myself, I vacuumed, washed the floors and bathed the dog. Fresh start. Soon the doors and windows will be closed and I want it to smell appealing.
I picked a few of my reluctant sunflowers for my "by the sink" bouquet. This was a great idea last year to lift my spirits. I don't usually pick flowers in the summer, but these are in rows for cutting. I was worried I wouldn't get any flowers because they were planted late, but later is good. Gardening is like knitting: nothing immediate.

The corn is being harvested early. The skies rain in the morning and then clear up. I took my bike out last evening to do a few errands and it was so pleasant.
I printed the Nursing Unit (NU3) Newsletter for September yesterday and did the layout for October's this morning. I'm new to the unit, but I'm trying to reflect them back on themselves. People are responding positively. I made a Nursing Merit Badge with Grumpy's face to award those who are patient with difficult patients/ family/ staff. I kept the same cartoon of a doctor talking to a patient and just changed the words. This is fun.
The entrelac shawl got a bit of attention last night with no ripping. I have about 3 more rows to make a small prayer shawl for my petite friend. Each row grows in squares.
Hey Teach is upstairs but now I doubt I have enough yarn. Talk about a grumpy project. I have to cast on a baby sweater, but I really want to work on another alpaca scarf. Maybe I can convince myself I need it set up for my next set of shifts.
The turkey noodle soup is on the stove and it feels like autumn. I'm learning 2 new songs on the piano and setting up some guitar accompaniment for church.
I took out my sweaters and put them in new fabric boxes on the shelf. Now I must label the boxes. Every time I organize something, I give myself the gift of time to find it next time.
If only others would put things back like they do at work. OCD for good.


RevLInda said...

You are phenominally productive! Congratulations on accomplishing so many things - plus brightening up your sink with flowers.

Life's a Stitch said...

I want some of what you're having.

keegan said...

That's awesome what you're bringing to the atmosphere at the hospital! I miss you guys...Coming out to the wack on monday:)