Monday, September 14, 2009

Shelving A Good Idea

Cheapo ladder shelving (fromWallmart) that suits my design aesthetic and a bedside table that I love. I did hide the cords after. This shelf, with previously bought fabric boxes, holds my hand-knit sweaters and shawls. Every time I reached above my clothes rod in the stubby closet, I would say, "I hate this." It only took 12 years to progress to this solution. The shelf is next to my adored armoire which I actually use for clothes (not TV). I had the most gorgeous little "Edward" help me get it in the van. All the supplies were in the box and they both went together as smooth as Kid Silk Haze.
What trouble trips up your day that could have a simple solution? I subscribe to Unclutterer
so I get lots of inspiration. Right now it's a bit exhausting as I've gone on an organizing streak. My pattern is to spend lots of time in the assessment phase and then go blitz.

I decided to buy the camera bag eventhough it wasn't on sale. I did a lot of research before I bought D his big case and I couldn't get my other choice for any price. The girl at London Drugs
(I must get her name!), who sold me the camera after all, went through the choices with my camera specifically. The Nikon D60 is a smallish SLR, but has the bump-out handle, so some bags are just too tight.

Lots of room. My camera is safer, and I already took it out for a shoot.

The entrelac shawl is all I'm working on. It is still slow going as I 've been running around like crazy. I gave blood on Friday and then went to a gigantic funeral. Do not do those activities in that order unless you want to be sitting on the back stairs with your head between your knees and making your bestfriend cross for missing the the tea because you're "feak and weeble".

It has been hot and cool. The morning dew is gaining momentum. I hope to make stricter lists in my In Box to not forget so much this week. If I'm lucky there will be some daytime knitting with full brain.

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