Thursday, October 22, 2009

So Far, So Good

The sleeves and body are joined. I did add two inches to them, at first not on purpose, but now I know my nephew will need it. I have no little nephews. Even the three year old is tall. This pattern is from an old book I bought years ago: Vogue Fair Isle & Textured Knits No. 4 . It's from 1986 but doesn't have the overt oevre of that era because the patterns are based on old, previously published sweaters.
I got new boots. It was a bit of a schozzle because I live in a hick town. I know, you should be able to get cowboy boots in a hick town, but not to fit. I went to Stampede Tack and Feed in Cloverdale and found a suitably non-flashy pair of Pro-baby boots. My orthodics fit inside, and they are as comfortable as others have said. I wore them in the mall for a few hours before I decided to keep them.

Carly wants to know why I'm working so much and taking pictures of the ducks instead of her. This is one of her least favourite days: carpet cleaning. Ironic, because she is the main messer.

The ducks are congregating for their autumn meeting. They were all on the deck again until I opened the door and the dog went after them. But they aren't afraid because she is kept to the top of the garden with a radio collar. We don't use it anymore, but don't tell her it's not on.

The skies are actively changing with the changing seasons. I get to go to lunch today with my nursing refresher buddy and I've really missed her. We met last fall and clicked right away. Good thing, the hour commute would have been hell. She just finished her preceptorship in Home Health, so we have lots to talk about. Like you were worried. We haven't run out of words so far.

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