Friday, November 06, 2009

Just In Time

I can't believe I got the Mason-Dixon epic journey vid-a-long DVD so soon! Thanks to Anne and the readers for sharing. This afternoon I'm going to donate blood, so I can malinger on the couch (it really knocks me a whallop) with this inspiration. If I'm lucky I'll be joined by J. who is also very interested. What I won't be doing is knitting the Shalom.
I was so excited to be done in just 2 1/2 days that I took a picture before I even wove in the ends. The Nashua Creative Focus Chunky is so soft. I was hoping to wear it tomorrow for a photo with my mom and sisters, but now I guess we're wearing "earth tones". We shall see. I am the baby and apt to do what I'm told to please the rest.
I will be knitting on the BSJ in Cadenza, the last Christmas mitts or the Woodland shawl. We'll see how I feel this time.

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electrictree said...

Shalom looks fantastic! Very flattering. Why not call grey an earth tone? I see grey mountains, rocks, dirt, etc, all the time!