Thursday, November 12, 2009

Organized and Controlled.

Yes, I managed to fix the fingerless mitts, er gloves. I have heard the rant. I have been ranted at. I was a rantee. My sister insists that, as mittens do not have fingers to begin with, there is no such thing as fingerless mitts. These are fingerless gloves. I was also accused of cheating as if I didn't want to finish kniting the fingers. I sure hope they don't mind these as presents.
My one sister did wear the jaywalker socks I knit her and they are almost worn out. I should make her another pair. If they are just a titch too small for me, they will fit her.
I am conquering the "Hey Teach". Not without a tussle, but I completed both fronts in the last few days. Now I cast on for the sleeves. I am going to knit them simultaneously so that the fudging of the lace pattern (as you lose stitches in shaping) is symmetrical.

I also resurrected the woodland shawl. I knit this on the ferry last month and took it to the ice rink yesterday. Emily played O Canada for the Remembrance Day ceremony before the hockey game. She also drummed in the city parade with D piping. I took a picture with my phone, and it may be lost in cyberspace.
On Tuesday I helped a Joyful friend make juice from the grapes I picked in September. We made about 25 litres. Whew! Another phone picture. It will be used as the Communion wine. I don't care for canning and it was exhausting, but I feel it is enough of a blessing to use the gift of the grapes. It was great to see all the beautiful purple jars lined up on the counter, but I don't think I'd like to do it again.
We loved the Singing Revolution sent to me through Mason-Dixon. History in our time that we barely know about. Everyone I've talked to about it is so surprised. I hope it makes it quickly to the next knitter.
It is the season of cleaning and organizing as we get ready to cocoon. The kitchen is sanitized. The basement is being reboxed. And my sunroom is eagerly anticipating a makeover. It'll have to wait until after my set of shifts this weekend, but it should be good to organize the knitting/writing space.

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