Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Time Change

The weather turned cold after Hallowe'en. I worked both the spooky evening and the time change night. Thankful blessed extra hour of sleep. Because I switched to nights, the single hour change was baby sandbox stuff. I did warn the nurses that the Monday morning after the time change (when we're driving home at 0700hours after a 12 hour shift) is the most dangerous time of the year to be on the roads. We still have sunny periods in which to walk the dog.
And the first thing I did when I got off work was go back and print this month's newsletter. I'm really enjoying it.
Finished the nephew sweater #5. The good news is that he is quite a bit bigger than Scott. It was also good news that Scott was home for a Halloween party. This sweater is too big for him, but he didn't want to take it off.
He wouldn't model my next finished sweater.

The whirligig shrug. It's for a nurse's baby that is probably 3 months old now. I knit the three month size, but used bigger yarn and got a nice 12 month(ish) size. The Berroco Comfort is a dream (especially on sale). The pattern from the new Interweave Knits Weekend Knits is well written and so quick.
I knit on the Cadenza Baby Surprise on nights and it went quite quickly. I also helped a friend figure out piecing her afghan together. It was fun. I also made a new friend through the turmoil of being short staffed with such ill patients. We worked well together.
Thismorning I cast on Shalom .
In a crazy move, I'm trying to get it knit for a photo shoot with my sisters and mom this Saturday. I need you to stretch the hours between now and then for our own time change.

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