Monday, November 09, 2009

A Study in Contrasts

Don't knit in the dark. Don't knit charcoal black wool in the dark. This is the work of a rather experienced knitter. This is the third time this fall I've knit this pattern. I do remember thinking what a wool suck the second one was. I admit I compared them at least 3 times and didn't catch this mistake. It is fixed with a rip-back and Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn cast off.
When I am accused of being a wonderful knitter, I now say that I can do it because I have already made that mistake. I walked down the street to take a picture of the dropping snow line. Mt. Cheam has her white shawl on and the temperature is seriously dropping. I am so thankful for my new bright green dog-walking parka and the reflective leash.
I found a blooming azalea. Poor brave thing. There was nothing I could do but take a picture. With the impending freezing temperatures, these blossoms will be sacrificed.

There's the snow. Hopefully it will stay on the mountains this year (sorry 2010 Winter Olympics)
We had a really fun time at the photo shoot on Saturday. It was so good to see my three sisters and Brenda from Norman's Photographic encouraged us to be ourselves. Maybe that was my biggest worry: that I would have to pretend to be someone else. We are such big personalities, it's hard to cover. We also had a lovely dinner out with the kids we could wrestle up.
Dan was so excited about this knitting/science link I am charmed that he is looking for areas of intersection in our interests. We are both busy with music, medicine and volunteering, but we don't do much together. Right now we're making a video with the Youth Group for a Christmas story based on a greedy innkeeper (cue the Olympic music).

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Life's a Stitch said...

I remember the year we had a Christmas rose. It was beautiful in an otherwise dull winter garden.