Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blown Away

I got out of my bed long enough on Sunday to go to a concert at our school gym. This is my daughter's drumline that is going to the Olympics. It was an incredible hour. We were all blown away by their energy and choreography and sound. They have a rock band, but also an "unplugged" show with bagpipes and tuba. Look for them at the bobsled run, the ski jump venue and some medal ceremonies.
The next morning I woke up worse than before and had to make a decision early about calling in. I hadn't been able to eat by 10 am, so I cancelled. Sat in bed and read and knit and slept.
I'm quite a bit better now. I'll do a switch shift Thurs and Fri. Then I'm off till after Hawaii.

Thank-you Miss V. When I signed up for the Team L&V fitness challenge, she gave out a sock pattern. You can buy it for $1 on Ravelry.
Ironically, it was lying on my but that gave me the time to whip up these sportweight hiking socks. The Fleece Artist Somoko yarn is amazing with some kid and silk. The colour is like denim yarn, but it didn't rub off onto my fingers like the cotton indigo yarn. I reknit the toes when I found out how much yarn I had left. My feet are size 10 (ladies) and it's going to take quite a bit of experience to get over the fear of running out of wool in a pair. I'm glad I didn't cheap out on the length of the leg.
I sure won't be hiking today, but I can get out and buy some fresh food and get to two appointments.

To console me as my head swam and my needles burned, I had a Harry Potter film festival. That's right. Every single one. Can you tell D is away? I watched upstairs on my computer to knit in the sunlight. It really helped with the dark yarn. Then I went downstairs after dark and watched on BluRay. The Lady of the Lake sweater co-operated. I'm knitting the sleeve in the round, but had to do a double take as the garter is knit backwards (thus purled) this way. I'll start trying it on soon, so I don't make it too long. Lots of notes so sleeves match!
The Bible For Missions Thrift Store picked up our old sectional sofa yesterday. I had to do a lot of vacuuming and dusting in the basement where we keep the TV. Today I should have delivery of a new sofa and loveseat. I'm still unsure of the "non-colour". Wish me luck.
I am so pleased to be blown back on course.

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