Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Good Long Wait

Yesterday the teenager came home from Whistler with bronchitis. There was great drama. The upside is that the long wait at the doctor's clinic allowed me to start my Taize shawl for travel knitting. It's Noro sock yarn and promises to be simple and even contemplative.
The Lady of the Lake sweater is done. It is fuzzy, but not as fuzzy as the picture. I'm still getting the hang of the "self portrait". My goal was St. Patrick's day, so I'm ahead. Will I have time to swatch the Bountiful Bohus? Will I finish my current socks? Who knows. There is still the Lady Eleanor in the basement.

The sun came out today. My violets naturalized, just to please me. The whole bed was violets years ago, but the husband said they looked messy. It broke my heart to dig them out (and my back and my hands). But they have avenged me.

Happy crocuses cheering them on. I am always surprised when they peek up. I have quite a few now. Most of the other bulbs are eaten by the squirrels.
The ducks are enjoying the afternoon sun on our Luckakuck River. Sometimes I wonder why we go away. Not long now before our Saturday flight to Kona, Hawaii. I am so packed. Just a short wait.

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Life's a Stitch said...

Awww, encourage that Lady to come out of the basement. Have a wonderful trip.