Monday, February 01, 2010

The Right Time

I decided to walk the dog right after taking Em to school (trumpet and viola in tow). It was a good decision because the light was coming out and I finally got pictures of the Quince tree down the street. It has been valiantly opening blooms since New Years.
We turned the ( calendar to February and have a huge month in front of us (Olympics, Hawaii), but not as dreadfully packed as January. The warm rain is here and I am thankful for the green and rich neighborhood.

My snowdrops don't get as much light as these. They are magical in the early days of "spring". We could still get snow, and I know many want it for the Winter Olympics. But my daughter is going to be in a marching drumline at Whistler Village and I'd just as soon she not get frost bite.
Neuroknitter at We Heart Yarn has inspired my photography and given me the lust to make socks. Today she included me in a virtual question and answer period for Chrissy Gardiner's new book Toe Up!
She answered my question and then made it even more clear by answering another question. Thanks!
I just bought Wendy Knits new book Socks From the Toe Up because I felt I had some responsibility in answering my own toe up question and really hadn't done any research. I knit on the Fit Well sock last night at a Youth meeting and my minister worked on hers.
It feels like the right time to be knitting socks.

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