Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh the Finishing

I am deep in the finishing of the big baby surprise. This week I crocheted, sewed and then cut steeks. Really! Whew! I think I would sew first and maybe crochet on the other side, but it seems to be working. Now I'm slogging through the tapes and snaps. I have the zipper yet to look forward to. Hmm.
I also learned to knit backwards. Yes! This was a big week. The entrelac blanket is on its beginning way and I feel a bit creeped out how comfortable the backwards knitting is. I think it may be called left-handed knitting as well. I'm ambidextrous with a strong leaning to left. I write with my left hand, but do all sorts of things (ironing, tennis, dressing changes) with both hands. Like so many things in knitting, it's easy once you're shown.

The first sock of 2010 is finished. I knit on it in the car as I went to Vancouver for a workshop yesterday. It was on music and Sunday School and I felt surrounded by my people.
Today I led worship. More biggies. Prayers, message, jazz, the whole shooting match. I do it only about 4 times a year and it really shakes things up. In the future I'll be doing a whole drum service.
At home I vacuumed, washed the floor, did 3 loads of laundry and printed the nursing unit newsletter. I know. What is wrong? Maybe it's the sunshine. I'm so tired I can't stop. At the youth group meeting tonight I will either bring my Lady of the Lake sweater or the second blue sock. I'm allowed. I worked hard enough already. But I'm not finished.

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