Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Lens

I'm enjoying this 35mm lens and the natural lighting. Carly is limping on her right foot (me too) so we're just doing short walks or, like this, a romp in the garden.
I've been sewing! All the planets have to allign and the phone has to be far away in order for me to enter that multi-spacial/machine interactive space for successful sewing. This is not a pattern, but a tutorial (that may be the trick) from Two Kates. I used some of my stash fabric and did it all in one sitting. I have a surprising amount of stash fabric for a non-sewer.

It is my new slipper bag. I have to take my slippers everywhere because I need to wear orthodics at all times.
I sewed an apron yesterday! It's for Tie One On. January/February has a black and white project sew-a-long.

Lady of the Lake is alive and well, though neglected because of the super secret baby project.

And let me distract you with a sock. See the intentional blurring? That's called bokeh. I love it. But I should have put it in the background.
I really want to knit socks this year. I have decided to take them to work because I can't mess them up too much and they don't take much space. I want to turn the heel today so I can have straight knitting for the set I start tomorrow.
Right now I must get ready for the new Knitting Circle at my friend's house. I helped her mom figure out an abandoned aran sweater last time and we're hoping others can come join us. Good coffee (always) and good company.
Just talking about knitting, or blogging, or reading your blogs, helps me to solve problems and plan new projects. There are more and more knitters showing up at work, too. It is a virus and I carry the contagion.
That's one way to look at it.


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