Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Dreams

A break in the heavy, warm rain shows the river level is up several inches and the Great Blue Heron is looking for the salmon run. It usually starts in January and the Bald Eagles sit in the Lombardy Poplar trees that line the high far bank.
This is what I saw when I woke up from nights. I sure don't mind sleeping away a dark rainy day.
This shawl is dreaming of the warm ocean breezes and black rock shorelines of the Kona Coast. I'm still waiting for the mid day sun to come through the front room windows. But not waiting in a way that leaves the shawl on the carpet.

Tuscany in silk from the weavers' store in Granville Island. The ladies there were tickled that I was crossing boundaries. I'll bring it next time I go. It was 103 grams of color 25 and yarn #6. I have about 25% left over, but I wasn't going to make this shawl any bigger than it called for. The silk is sticky and slippery at the same time. I had to go at it full power to finish it and not pick up something else.
I ripped back the baby gift. My niece will likely have a big baby, but not one as big as me. Back to the gauge pit.
I worked on the Fit Well sock at work and was able to maintain mindless pattern. Thank goodness for Cast On's new podcast for my one and only break. I didn't get one break on the first night as one of my patients died unexpectedly. Whew! I so appreciate the team of nurses I work with. I was able to look after his wife and do all the paperwork, etc. It was a heavy set of complicated patients and to spend some time in one of the offices listening to Cast On and knitting and drinking tea was a great relief.
Today I dream of quiet. I have done 5 loads of laundry, reclaimed the kitchen and vacuumed (for blocking). It takes 2-3 hours of correspondence to catch up on my real life commitments. Already it's lunch and I will be dreaming of warm soup and the delight of reading your blogs.

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