Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years To Do List

1. Take down Christmas decorations and clean up living room
2. Take Vinterblomster mitten off needles and into hibernations (with the Heritage Woodland Shawl) until August.
3. Swatch and cast on Lady Eleanor in turquoise marble to begin Emily's grad blanket for June 2011.
4. Swatch and cast on blues socks (maye not today) as I am only knitting socks at work.
5. Knit on the Tuscany shawl and try to enjoy it's pretty pinkness.

I have decided that, like the shawl, my mittens just took too long to get going. The love is gone. Next month I'm going to Hawaii and need my pink silk shawl. Then it will be an early spring. I may try to knit the matching hat, Selbu Modern, because I could probably use it.
I spent my winter knittng making gifts. That's OK. The mittens were last year's dream and they will be ready when the -as yet not budded- leaves start to fall again.
Why knit against the grain?
I made a big haul at the wool shop yesterday (yay) with details to follow. Met with my best friend for some movie knitting and then home alone with D. This is a big change. One of the benefits of having older children. He was on call, but we still enjoyed some champagne and ambience.
So to the new year. Be kind. Appreciate the clean slate I'm starting with. And let me know if there' s anything I can do to help make it a success.

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