Monday, January 04, 2010

What Dreams Are Made Of

This is the Chilliwack River. A combination of snow run-off and rainforest rain make it a pretty fast river. Men stand in it to fish for salmon and women walk its paths.
Scott and I joined our friends for a great fisherman's lunch in our new favourite cafe. We're stalking our baker who closed shop last new years.

It's also called the Vedder River because the two rivers were merged to minimize loss of land as they meandered and changed course. The Chilliwack River Honey land was totally eaten away by the river a few years ago. There are lots of downed trees. But in a rainforest they are not wasted.

Vedder also had a 40%off wool sale. This is the Marble for Emily's Lady Eleanor. I am giving myself 18 months as I did Scott's. But this one won't have to be pieced. It's in a basket by my TV chair. Swatched and cast on, it will have to wait until Tuscany has been completed. I am trying to focus on it's longer and longer rows while listening to Hawaiian music. I knit a whole set while watching Benjamin Button last night. I really enjoyed it eventhough I had to watch it by myself. My friend, J, and I started watching it on New Year's Eve afternoon, but I was called to go home with the Chinese Food. It helped that I had seen some of it because I could focus more on the lace. It was my first really good long chunk of knitting on that pattern. It helps to become intimate with the rhythm.

This great soft wool is destined to be a nephew sweater. That is when I get back on that wagon. Next is a grey gansey. I have the wool and the pattern. But did I mention the silk Tuscany shawl?

I chose this colour changing yarn for a vest like the one J made out of Kaffe Fasset. Much closer to my budget. A quick knit will sometimes inject the knitting joy into the angst.
One of my sisters has already worn out a pair of socks I made her. If I'm going to knit socks anyway, might as well get it on sale.

Some black merino lace. Just in case. You know, I don't have a black shawl and I've knit two. They make the best gift and the most versatile garment. But I don't like knitting in black. That would be for a summer knit.
I updated my Ravelry page and am a bit nervous about the number of WIPs. I can only read two books at a time: one fiction and one non. I usually have one big knitting project and one small. Whew. If I can finish 3 more sets of Tuscany and Northrop Frye's "The Great Code", I can settle down a bit.
Plus I hope to register for Rockin Sock Club. Plus I ordered Driving Miss Daisy gloves from Brenda Dayne at Cast On.
I know. There are many plans and dreams for the 525,600 minutes that will be 2010.

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