Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

My baby girl is 17. We had dinner at E.Yong Vietnamese Restaurant on Thursday night so we could get together before I went to work on Friday. She loves the Chicken Soup there and she loved her presents. It's not easy being 17. Today is Sunday and she is at drumline practice for the Olympics.
I made an almond bundt cake. Thank you so much Amy!! I will definitely make it again soon.

Emily made her own cake with her boyfriend and it was rich and yummy. The kitchen suffered a bit and I just about swooned when I came home from work, but they cleaned it up mostly. At work we clean everything that is or is not battened down. It's a bit of a shift to come home sometimes.

I spent a quiet afternoon preparing a super secret baby knitting project. Yay. And setting up a reading list of classics. Scott's English class is rather disappointing to me as it is mainly about research papers. I was hoping to vicariously read along. So I'm starting with Bruce Meyer's "The Golden Thread" and a copy of Homer's Odyssey that I've had for ages. I did read the Iliad several years ago. Bruce Meyer also spoke with Michael Enright on CBC about the Five Great Books and I have that on my ipod.
So tonight I go to work with the beginnings of the Fit Well Socks
and my secret project. I have a new episode of Cast On on my ipod and I pray I get my breaks.
I found another present I forgot to give Emily, and I hope to have their supper made before I need to go. Dan is on call and working hard and Em had to go to school on a weekend, so this is not the house of bliss.
Hopefully some comfort food will make them feel they are welcome at home and we can talk about the birthday celebrations.

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