Monday, January 18, 2010


I got a new lens! Whoo hoo! I am so smitten with Pioneer Woman and her recipes and her beautiful photography. Her tutorial answered a lot of questions for me and now I'm on my way with my first prime or fixed (non-zoom) lens.
This Noro sock yarn is going to Hawaii with me next month. I don't know if I can take it on the plane, but I hope to have it swatched and ready to knit the Taize shawl. I'm going to make it a third wider. Who knows what the colours will look like, but I'll just let the yarn do the choosing. I miss my Noro Silk Garden Cozy and hope this will fill in the gap a little.
A few years ago, I wore mainly black with coloured scarves or handbag. I knew I was overdoing it when my daughter followed another lady out of the drugstore simply because she was wearing black.

But I don't know how I got into this colourful wardrobe. My Fibertrends hat is fuscia, my dog walking jacket is "Jean Green" or bright green apple, the leash is turquoise and Carly's collar is purple. Then, in the cold wind, my cheeks get pretty pink. What's new is I think they all go together well. That's way past my monochromatic, neutral comfort zone.

The super secret knitting is "funky". My niece has a limitless sense of colour. She dyes wool and spins and creates beyond my imaginings. Her mom, my sister is a painter who has a very "Van Gogh-esque" sensibility. Most of the art in my house is hers. Or my daughter's. She is absolutely reckless with colour.

So I'm knitting along in these super secret colours, and once in a while I wonder if it's not just too much. Have I stepped over the ugly sill? I love the colours on etsy and anthropologie. But I don't seek tension in my knitwear. It is super soft, though. I'm wondering if I can knit myself a sweater in the same wool but different colours. Probably monochromatic, eh?

Even in winter we are surrounded by blues and greens. Hope you enjoy your colours today.

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electrictree said...

Yay! Colour!! Sometimes I knit something in a colour that calls to me and when I finish it I realize it is a colour I would never wear. The great thing is, there is always someone who loves THAT colour who would love a handknit gift!!