Monday, February 15, 2010

On a Break

D had Valentines plans eventhough he's on call for 5 days straight. What a great surprise to receive tickets to Michael Buble in August. That's pretty romantic for my life.
I gave him a photo book of African animals because we are planning a trip in the future.
I'm on a break from work for a while. And boy do I need it. There is a bullying undercurrent that I am not prepared to be a part of. Plus the work is not what I ever intended. So today I called the "head nurse" from another unit and was very encouraged to consider the switch back to my old type of nursing. Plus I checked out the post diploma degree program which was part of my original plan. Whew! I really did a lot of thinking on my walk this morning.
I blame Tasra Mar . I found her great videos on reorganizing the home from .
She is very practical while still being innovative and really camera-cute. Plus she quotes David Allen and Seth Godin. How cool is that? I know, I'm the weirdest housewife geek.
I worked during the Olympics opening ceremony, but was so happy to be able to watch the whole thing on-line. Isn't the internet great?
Emily is up at Whistler and phoning us regularly. They have been on CTV and Global, but we don't have cable, so I probably won't hit the right news broadcast.
I am almost done the Lady of the Lake sweater. The sleeves were both finished lastnight. I made pencil scores for each row of the first sleeve and then wrote over them in marker for the second sleeve so (if I counted right) they are equal. I just have to do the collar, but I've been on the phone and computer all day so far.
On Saturday, I woke after nights and went to join my best friend and her friend at a knitting "non-retreat". Her friend came out from Vancouver for the weekend and I joined them for some super duper knitting. We are thinking of setting up an Alaskan cruise for an informal knitting retreat. What fun.
This year I wrote my 10 for 2010 goals for knitting. Knitting in the company of others, at least once a week, was one of the points. It certainly enriches my knitting. I have a retreat booked for April and I still want to set up a face to face meeting with my first blogger friend, Life's a Stitch
So in this couple of weeks break, I am already heavily into re-imagining my life and work and how to get more time with the people I care about.

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Angie said...

Very best wishes in re-imagining your life. I think if you imagine enough of the good details with good intent behind them, it can be quite productive.