Friday, November 19, 2010

It All Changes

Carly and I went for a few walks this week. Thanks to Cast On and Stash and Burn for great podcasts. It really helps motivate me.
The leaves had been severely whipped by heavy winds and we were revelling in a bit of autumn joy with just a hint of chill: knitted vests and shawls but not mitts and sweaters.

Then the first flakes began to fall and fall fell away.

I have looked at my Christmas list and finally caught up with the frenzy on the web. What was I thinking?!! I now have some baby stuff, slippers, a hat and some fingerless mitts (or three) to whip up. I'm glad I finished my shawl.
I tuned into Round the Twist and brought up the wrong show from last New Years. I thought it was Carin being clever and time travelling past the Christmas knitting. Fooled myself.

This morning I went through the gift drawer and I'm in good shape for Christmas and the slew of birthdays directly following (in a non-knitting kind of way). I bought some pretty nice stuff that I had stashed away. Good for me.
I am less stressed about the family gifts. I have a tentative knitting list (because I'm allowed to change my mind at any moment) and I'm off to Langley to nail down the edges of the list.
I must remember to not get too caught up in the stress of it, because it all changes.

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Lesley said...

Seriously impressed. :-) I've yet to start my Christmas shopping (although I did manage to get something for eldest son at the craft fair). I must get more organized.