Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knitting Warmth

I met a new knitting friend today when I met the piano tuner. We had a great knit chat and I had to leave so she could get some work done. I'll catch up with her on Ravelry, and next time we'll make sure to have time to visit.
Isn't that a wonderful treat?
I'm just stoned tired from two crazy day shifts. There were doctors arguing in the hall and patients families behaving horribly. Someone said it was the time change. But you guys are amateurs. We change 12 hours every night shift!
Tonight is the first knit circle that we're hosting at our church. I have no idea who will come or what they will want to do, but I'm prepared to let the group grow organically to meet the needs of those who come. I hope we can do some charity knitting, too.
I have to buy some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran because my Fetching mitts are lost. I have worn them so much over the years! I remember buying the yarn at a wonderful store in Mt. Vernon, Wild Fibers. The pink is just perfect with my Manos del Uruguay scarf in the perfect wild flowers colourway. I just knit a few pairs for others, so I can be selfish and replace a pair for me. I may make them a titch longer.
The red shawl is my not so bitter Bitterroot. I am managing to knit this while watching Bones (thanks, Lala, I'm so hooked) and the Ken Burns War series from PBS that D and I are watching as part of our Remebrance Day remembering.
I managed to get to choir practice on Monday after work (!!) to find out how much preparation we need for Handel's Messiah at the end of the month! Now I'm scared, but I got to hang posters at the hospital and that was fun.
My son is home for reading break, so I'll try to do some fun stuff with him (going out for lunch). We are travelling head long into chilly, sweater weather, but I am warm in my knits.

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Anonymous said...

I love the wildflowers colourway but I've only seen it over here on the silk blend. And, as usual, your bitteroot shawl looks lovely, LoriAngela. Hope everything goes well at the new knitting group.