Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ripped Away

I just want to stay home and knit more booties! These are Christine's Stay On Booties. So simple. Great construction and quick. This is just left over sock yarn! I love the Ravelry search for most popular. There is a reason everyone knits the same things.
I can stay warm with my Estelle sweater. Finally got a few shots. Thanks Em.

The Bitteroot is actually a bit large to behave like my other shawls. I fixed the hole. Can you see it? One friend says a blind man would love to see that mistake. Another says it wouldn't be noticed by a man galloping by on a horse. Design elements all.
I wore this shawl to coffee last week and one kind friend remarked that the snow had landed and frozen on it. That is exactly the effect I was trying for with the clear beads. I hesitate to use the word crystal because real crystals cut the yarn and are not suitable for beading.

Finally some shots of the Gretel hat. Emily tried to teach me how to take a picture of myself at arms length. Somehow my arms aren't the right length.

So I plopped it on her an got a shot of the back.
I knit on the long suffering toe up gusset heel sock on the way to Bellingham. I really just made a few mistakes and then had time to rip them back. It's about an hour, but longer because of the snow and ice on the road. Seriously, no sand or salt? It was a bit touch and go, but we made it to the memorial service and got to celebrate the life of a great man. He was a great knitter, too and will be missed by all.
When I got home, I made sure I finished increasing for the gusset and tonight I must turn that heel or it will linger and taunt me.
I cast on a hat for D. He may be lurking, but too bad. Lurkers like to think I don't know they're reading. You are all welcome here. Leaving comments will maybe lead to you having your own blog like it did for me.
So now I have to rip myself away from the knitting-verse to have another Handel's practice. We are getting better, but I think it's because we're freaking scared.
Thank goodness it'll all be done before the Christmas season begins and I can get back to my other projects and important things like reading your blogs.


Anonymous said...

Those booties are seriously, seriously cute! And I'm so glad your Bitteroot came good in the end.

I'm trying to have a go at hat knitting - nothing complicated though. We're told to expect serious snow here later this week so all knitted goods will come in very handy. xx

Angie said...

Look at all the lovely finished objects! Wonderful photos of you and them. :D