Friday, November 26, 2010

When the Wind Subsided

The shock of early snow was actually a relief from the bitter cold and wind. One day God is throwing branches and little birdies at the window of my sunroom/office/lab. The next day it's feeling all Christmassy. We don't usually get real cold. For us minus 10 Celsius is cold enough. But we've been through it this week.

Carly can't believe it. She loves all kinds of weather. She'd probably like the storms in Labrador, where her breed originates. Me, not so much. But I have my warm knits to wear and my knitting to keep me warm.
After choir practice I picked up icecreams for the family. It's a Calgary thing: as soon as it gets really cold, everyone goes out for icecream.
And on my desk was the most scrumptious package. This is a warm, deep brown sock yarn from my niece and her etsy shop, electrictree. It was meant to be for bloglesscarla and the Fallmageddon swap with the Knit Girllls. But it is mine. No way is this going on my feet. Caroline dyed it special order and it's going to be a shawl. Maybe swallowtail. It will match the mittens and hat that I'm not knitting because I do have a bit of Christmas knitting. But my projects are portable and I can swap them out depending on who I am sitting with.
Also, the lovely knitwhiskers gave me a Jared Flood pattern in the swap and got me on a big day dream about the yak and silk in my stash.
Last night we were at the school for a great performance of White Christmas with our daughter on trumpet. This morning at 0430 hours I took her to the school for a marching band trip to the Seattle Macy's Holiday Parade. Whew!
Now I'm going to cook a turkey in honour of American Thanksgiving and our love of turkey leftovers. I may get my first batches of shortbread in as well.
We did the Christmas photo collage yesterday and my photos are truly lacking in the people variety. I need to take more shots that tell the story. This year my photos said, "I saw some nice places and did some knitting". Not what the relatives need. I don't post photos of my family and friends much on this blog, and you're who I think of when I have my camera.
It has warmed up a bit, so the roads aren't treacherous and I may have to put my knitting down to do some errands.

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Life's a Stitch said...

We had our US T-day dinner at White Spot. It was pretty good turkey.