Thursday, February 17, 2011


I got a Valentines gift a few days late. It's an interchangeable needle organizer from madbird.
I sent an email to D as a gift suggestion and voila. A little zipper pouch for the accessories.

I'm thinking of how to mark the sizes. But I love it.

Our walk today was filled with glorious flowers. There's an ice storm in Vancouver right now.

The snow drops are finally brave enough to show.

I think this may be euphorbia. Not sure, but it's very cheerful. I'm craving some colour!

My February Project Help Mexico hat is finished. I'm still following Bridget Bear from Needles in the Hay's year of colour schedule. Following the rainbow, February is orange. I had to pick up some ivory chunky to stretch the orange in my statsh. I wasn't sure of striping, so I used fibionacci sequence. Love it. I even managed a bit of a jogless jog in the stripe.
This will be for some child of migrant workers in the Baja. I love the top down construction from Lifestyle Top Down Hats. It's more of a recipe than a pattern and I may end up using it for all my monthly hats.
Emily brought me a Booster Juice for lunch. Yay. I'm trying to stay up late and sleep in because
I am inbetween two night shifts, but it really doesn't work too well for me. I feel a bit lazy.
On the bright side, I'm reading more and LOVED How to Knit a Love Song by knitter and blogger Rachael Herron. It was a lot steamier than my usual Dickens and Doyle. I loved the knitting content and the nod to Elizabeth Zimmerman. It took me only two days to read. My own visuals came partly from the blog The Pioneer Woman. I wonder if she knows about the book? Thanks Rachel H. There's a sweater pattern in the back! I always share books I love, and I want others to understand the deep knitting in this book, but I don't know if my mom and friends want to read such a sexy book.
For now I'm going to enjoy the sunny day and hunt for more little blossoms.

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