Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Now that I'm home, I come down with another terrible chest infection. The good news is that my chest is now clear, but I feel like I'm just coming up from underwater. I got some good antibiotics just in case. I don't know if I'll take them.
The Cassidy is coming along without too many hitches. I have to adapt for 5/6 row gauge, but I think it will be OK. It's garnet 220. I just bought the Twist pattern because Artlady made a shawl collar for hers, adapted from Twist, that I love.

I did not get a tshirt on our holiday. But don't feel badly for me. This is from Nordstrums and I love it so much!! The little bird is becoming ubiquitous, but it reminds me of the precious moments of life. I have them all over my desk. Check out Anne Lamott's Bird By Bird writing book.

My souvenir wool shopping included fiberphile super squish worsted in blackberry. I want to make another beret out of this like my Malabrigo Gretel.

Lovally dyed Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Worsted in the colour Old Town is exactly the paprika of Emily's second choice grad dress. We ordered it in sapphire blue, but I thought I could knit her a scarf in this because it's such a great colour.

I bought a mug at the Library of Congress. I was so taken with the Jefferson Library exhibit. Here it is with my Shelter yarn in quilt and the scarf Purling Oaks Angie wove for me. Yay.

An embarrassment of riches.

I haven't been able to take pictures of my finished objects because the light was so dreary. Here are the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk fingerless mitts, a little worse for wear from our trip. They were cozy, but not always warm enough for the Washington weather.
I didn't get to bring my Moody Kerchief in Malabrigo. I wear it constantly, it's so soft!! I had to knit one when I saw Lala's. The ones on Ravelry are so gorgeous. I'm still getting used to the funky contrast colour edging. I added a set of lace because I had lots of Purple Mystery main colour. I'm glad I didn't go too crazy, because the Twist variegated just made it.
I am not too sick to do a bit of knitting. Just not too complicated. Probably need to make some baby pants for a March shower. All this fretting over patterns. Just go to your own favourites page. Most of those patterns are already downloaded. Stick with what you already like. Especially when you're just resurfacing.

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Lynne Rees said...

Those blues and purples are fantastic. And I love Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird too. But why is it that nearly everyone I know seems to be sick at the moment? Get better soon.